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Goodlife Pharmacy

Goodlife Pharmacy operates a network of pharmacies in Kenya and Uganda, but it is much more than a retail pharmacy chain. Its onsite health hubs offer a range of services including blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose readings, body mass index calculations, malaria and family nutrition advice, doctor’s  consultations and laboratory services. Pharmacy is often the first point of care in East Africa, and thanks to its breadth of services, Goodlife Pharmacy is credited with improving the quality of life of the region’s increasingly affluent consumer population. 

As the largest retail pharmacy business in East Africa, Goodlife Pharmacy has a widely trusted and recognised brand, known for delivering quality in a market where substandard and counterfeit medication are yet to be stamped out. In bring consumers greater access to affordable and reputable health services, Goodlife is revolutionising how healthcare is delivered in what is a high-opportunity market. 




East Africa

The LeapFrog Difference

By investing in Goodlife Pharmacy in 2016, LeapFrog has enabled this groundbreaking business to accelerate its ambitious growth plans. With our assistance, the business has strengthened its management team across IT, marketing, retail, purchasing and audit functions, implemented feedback from customer research, renegotiated supplier contracts, revamped its inventory management and refined its rental and store rollout costs to create a model that is replicable and ready to grow at scale. Goodlife Pharmacy is aiming to expand to over 100 stores and increase its reach to over 5.5 million consumers in 2021, extending its footprint across East Africa. 


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