Consumer insights

At the heart of LeapFrog’s focus on the emerging consumer opportunity is a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of these consumers in multiple markets. This is underpinned by research.


“Emerging consumers work hard to achieve their dreams, and they are sophisticated at managing risk,” says Raghu Kolli, LeapFrog’s Head of Consumer Insights and Innovation.

“They’re highly motivated to leapfrog into the organised economy, but they need access to the right springboards and safety nets – tools like insurance, education, healthcare.”

Across Africa and Asia, some two billion emerging consumers are seeking access to vital tools that help build secure and sustainable livelihoods.

LeapFrog works closely with its partner companies to deepen their understanding of consumer needs. Through human-centered design processes, LeapFrog helps them deliver relevant, affordable and quality products.

Senior Manager of Impact Labs, Roshni Bandesha explains that LeapFrog sees low-income people as active agents of their futures. “This enables our portfolio companies to improve products, design relevant features, reach more people, and enhance customer value,” she says.


Peak insights

LeapFrog’s studies now span 15 markets and 10,000 direct interviews, eliciting both global and local insights and learnings

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