$10M – $50M
Typical capital investment

How we invest and build

LeapFrog invests in high-growth, purpose-driven businesses in some of the world’s fastest growing markets

“LeapFrog’s innovative approach to democratising insurance — by investing in financial services companies serving Africa and Asia — [is reaching] millions from low-income and socially excluded backgrounds.”

Richard Branson
Screw Business as Usual



LeapFrog makes private equity investments in high-growth, purpose-driven financial services and healthcare businesses in some of the world’s fastest growing markets. We typically invest between $10m and $50m in capital, and we actively invest our knowledge and experience. This enables LeapFrog companies to achieve new levels of growth, profitability and impact. We look for investee companies that are strongly aligned with our values, and whose potential scale, client focus and governance mean they will grow and endure.

A LeapFrog investment is a commitment to partnership. We stand side-by-side with the leadership of the businesses we back. Our deal teams include former CEOs and senior executives from emerging markets, so they understand the promise and the pitfalls of growing a business.

Value creation

Working alongside our deal teams, LeapFrog’s dedicated value creation specialists bring deep operational and management experience that enable our companies to achieve their ambitious visions. The toolkit they share is extensive, and includes:

  • VCG_icons_StrategyStrategy and governance
    Together with management, we create robust business strategies, governance structures, strategic planning, and financial and social performance management.
  • VCG_icons_productProduct, pricing and revenue
    We help design affordable, relevant and quality products, always built with the emerging consumer at the centre.
  • VCG_icons_salesSales and distribution
    We bring to bear deep technical expertise in sales and distribution, integrating new technologies with traditional approaches.
  • VCG_icons_coreOperationsCore operations
    LeapFrog helps to structure the efficiency and effectiveness of core operations and processes.
  • VCG_icons_HRHuman resources and talent management
    We help to recruit, retain and develop world-class senior talent, drawing on our global networks.
  • VCG_icons_technologyTechnology and data
    We create technology and data strategies and capabilities that lead to higher performance in core operations and an even better customer experience.
  • VCG_icons_MeasurementMeasurement
    We introduce LeapFrog’s insightful measurement framework, FIIRM, which integrates financial, impact, innovation and risk management metrics and helps management to drive with a dashboard.

Once we have helped set a partner company on a transformative path of growth LeapFrog aims to exit the investment via IPO, trade sale, a sale back to a partner, or a management buyout. Our responsible exit approach aims to leave an enduring profit with purpose legacy.

LeapFrog Partners and portfolio company leaders discuss the opportunity presented by investing in emerging markets over the next decade.

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