Four billion emerging consumers and producers are joining the global economy, accessing mobile phones and empowering services for the first time, and rising towards the middle class. They are the growth engine driving many high growth markets, and propelling a fundamental rebalancing between West and East, North and South. Their combined economic power reshapes the horizon for business and society. It also presents the greatest challenge and opportunity of our generation of leaders. We call the commitment to seize this historic financial and social opportunity New Ambition.

Our team wakes up daily to support New Ambition in its many forms. We find, back and grow the businesses that work to deliver life-changing products and services to this half of humanity. We provide the entrepreneurial business leaders with the capital and expertise to succeed at scale. We also partner with some of the world’s leading and largest investors to access this growth and return opportunity. Together, we generate exceptional profits, innovations and impacts. We achieve Profit with Purpose.

We hope you share our commitment to this new world of opportunity, for institutions certainly but also for each of us personally.


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