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Across Africa and Asia, some two billion emerging consumers are seeking access to essential healthcare and financial services that help build secure and sustainable livelihoods.

LeapFrog supports portfolio companies to become more customer-centric to be able to deliver relevant, affordable and quality products. CX Launchpad is an initiative of LeapFrog to build capabilities in companies to enhance end to end customer experience (CX). Areas include customer journey mapping, digital experiences, customer-centric product development process, omni-channel customer support and data analytics. Portfolio companies share and learn in a project oriented community of practice guided by senior LeapFrog experts. 

“Consumer expectations are evolving rapidly in emerging markets with entry of global technology firms and local digital start ups. They expect the efficiency of an Amazon delivery, convenience of a Go-jek super app and the ease of use of Whatsapp. Therefore, financial services and healthcare providers have to transform rapidly to leverage technology platforms and offer digital experiences at scale” says Raghu Kolli, Head of Customer Centricity who leads the CX Launchpad program. 

“Ultimately, the customer stands at the center of everything we do. CX Launchpad is pioneering work where we brings portfolio companies together to learn from each other and to do better” says Raimund Snyders, Partner. 


Launch of a digital micro-insurance in Ghana through human-centered development process. The company added over 150,000 new customers within months after launch. 

Transformation of customer journey for micro-enterprise loan in India. The company reduced the turn around time for loan disbursement by more than 50% and saw significant improvement in disbursement volume.

Re-design of loyalty program in Kenya. The company saw 4X improvement in membership registrations within 2 quarters of launch. 

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