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James Burton
James Burton Senior Manager, Strategy
Simba Manyumwa
Simba Manyumwa Investment Associate
Rowena Lee
Rowena Lee Senior Legal Counsel
Andrew Kuper
Andrew Kuper Founder and CEO
Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen Profit-with-Purpose Analyst
Mark Lim
Mark Lim Investment Associate Healthcare
Rishikesh Bagri
Rishikesh Bagri Investment Associate, Financial Services
Ario Harsanto
Ario Harsanto Investment Officer
Annelise Sauter
Annelise Sauter Investor Relations Associate
Navitha Latchman
Navitha Latchman Financial Manager
Julian Thio
Julian Thio Investment Associate
Ken Muriungi
Ken Muriungi Investment Associate
Felix Olale
Felix Olale Partner
Chanel Mandusic
Chanel Mandusic Talent Accelerator Operations Manager
Catherine Bergersen
Catherine Bergersen Executive Assistant
Wilfred Moatlhodi
Wilfred Moatlhodi Bookkeeper
Fernanda Lima
Fernanda Lima Partner
Gary Herbert
Gary Herbert Partner
Karima Ola
Karima Ola Partner and Board Member
Michael Fernandes
Michael Fernandes Partner
Nick Moon
Nick Moon Partner
Irshaad Issufo
Irshaad Issufo Investment Officer
Raimund Snyders
Raimund Snyders Partner
Stewart Langdon
Stewart Langdon Partner
Georg Brandner
Georg Brandner Senior Manager, Digital
Demola Adegbite
Demola Adegbite Associate Director
Elizabeth Wallis
Elizabeth Wallis Head of the LeapFrog Talent Accelerator
Michael Jelinske
Michael Jelinske Associate Director
Jasvir Pandher
Jasvir Pandher Associate Director
Frances Holliday
Frances Holliday General Counsel and Board Member
Lienda Kavindele
Lienda Kavindele PwP Analyst
Deb Huff
Deb Huff Executive Assistant to the CEO
Raghu Kolli
Raghu Kolli Head of Customer Centricity
Grant Karolus
Grant Karolus Finance Director
Mark Pleaner
Mark Pleaner Senior Manager, Compliance
Liana Gorman
Liana Gorman Head of People
Tapiwa Muranda
Tapiwa Muranda Associate Director
Cindy Bean
Cindy Bean Office Administrator
Michael Joyce
Michael Joyce Director of Investments
Jim Roth
Jim Roth Board member and Co-founder
Nitin Nowjee
Nitin Nowjee Director of Investments
Andrew Rothery
Andrew Rothery Investment Committee Member - External
Seth Meisel
Seth Meisel Investment Committee Member - External
Sacha Romanovitch
Sacha Romanovitch Board Member
Ingo Weber
Ingo Weber Investment Committee Member - External
Norman Kelly
Norman Kelly Director of Investments
Patrick Duff
Patrick Duff Advisor
Phyl Georgiou
Phyl Georgiou Head of Strategy
Johan Vivier
Johan Vivier Senior Finance Manager, External
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar Director of Investments
Stephen Bowey
Stephen Bowey Operating Partner
Matthew Lines
Matthew Lines Investment Officer
Roshni Bandesha
Roshni Bandesha Senior Manager, Impact Labs
Sally Krmadjian
Sally Krmadjian Office Manager
Siti Masturah
Siti Masturah Office Manager
Tish Smit
Tish Smit Senior Bookkeeper
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