Investing in Healthcare

LeapFrog invests in extraordinary healthcare businesses in Asia and Africa

LeapFrog’s healthcare portfolio has led the way in the impact investing industry, targeting rapidly growing companies delivering technologies, products and services that improve the lives of millions of emerging consumers. 

Today, LeapFrog’s healthcare investments reach 13 million people across 16 developing countries with medical products, services, health insurance and telemedicine. 11 million of those people are lower-income emerging consumers. 

In the past year alone, LeapFrog healthcare companies across Asia and Africa:

  • Provided 23 million high quality pharmaceutical products
  • Manufactured 11 million orthopaedic, pain management and mobility products
  • Distributed over 1 million diagnostic tests and laboratory supplies
  • Delivered more than 733,000 medical services
  • Launched a new range of low-cost genomic diagnostics across South Asia.

LeapFrog’s tremendous growth in healthcare stems from its innovative, digital, and customer-centric business models. These approaches are democratising access to the best global healthcare interventions. 

Recent investments by LeapFrog’s team include MedGenome, one of the largest provider of genetic medical diagnostics in the developing world, and HealthifyMe, a ground-breaking preventative health app engineered to combat a surge in lifestyle-related diseases across South and South-East Asia. 

These complement longstanding investments such as Goodlife, East Africa’s leading private pharmacy chain that has revolutionised models for consumer-focused healthcare and helped ameliorate a spate of counterfeit medicines, and BIMA, an innovative insurer that provides health and life coverage to millions of people and last year alone delivered 971,000 telemedicine consults.

Total people reached and emerging consumers reached includes customers and their households served by healthcare products, services and health insurance across LeapFrog Fund I, Fund II, and Fund III portfolio companies. An average household multiplier is used to calculate the products’ potential impact on customers’ households.

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