Jim Roth

Board member and Co-founder

Dr Jim Roth co-founded LeapFrog Investments in 2007, a $1 billion impact investment fund.

Today LeapFrog supports financial services businesses that transform the lives of 126.2 million people across Africa and Asia. For more than 25 years, Jim has been instrumental in altering the insurance landscape in Africa and Asia. He is recognised as a global leader in the provision of financial services to emerging consumers.

Prior to LeapFrog he worked for the United Nations, pioneering insurance distribution to the emerging consumer and then went on to consult to some of the worlds largest insurers including Allianz and AIG.

Jim is on the IFC Economic Advisory Board, a group of eminent economists, practitioners and thought leaders who offer advice, innovative ideas and partnership to IFC Management. He completed his PhD at Cambridge University on the transformative role of financial services in emerging markets.