November 7 2019 Harvard Business Review FOMOSapiens: Returns on Investment: Andy Kuper and the Value of Moral Capitalism

Corporations, especially capital investors, have a bad rap these days. After all, how can you expect an organization that exists to generate profits to put anything above its own financial gain? Andy Kuper begs to differ.

August 6 2019 UNSW Lessons in Leadership with Dr. Andrew Kuper and Dominic Barton

Lessons in Leadership with Dr. Andrew Kuper and Dominic Barton, former Chief Executive of McKinsey. Dominic shares key highlights from his 30+ years with the organisation, including exposure to some of the most diverse and complex business challenges across the globe.

August 1 2019 Good Future: Andrew Kuper: impact investing pioneer, through empathy and inclusion

In this episode we go deep on what made his investment approach stand-out from the crowd when so many investors are adopting the impact investing label. He talked about his record breaking fund which has raised one billion Australian dollars

May 30 2019 PEI International: LeapFrog’s CEO on separating the impact investing wheat from the chaff

Fresh from raising a $700m fund in May, Leapfrog Investments’ Andy Kuper talks to Toby Mitchenall about how impact investing will evolve as more firms enter the fray.

June 1 2019 Impact Investing — Case Study of LeapFrog Investments

Evan Lin and Zhujing Wu interview Tom Brunner, Partner at LeapFrog Investments, to discuss impact investing, its legal concerns and how to address them.

“Impact investing is a critical element of the global approach to solving problems of poverty and other social imperatives.” — Tom Brunner

February 17 2020 PE Talks Africa with Karima Ola

In this episode, hear Hurley Doddy, Managing Director, Founding Partner and co-Chief Executive Officer from Emerging Capital Partners, Ayisi Makatami, Chief Executive Officer from Fanisi Capital, Karima Ola, Partner from LeapFrog Investments and Carlos Reyes, Principal from IFC Asset Management Corporation examine the pathways to liquidity in Africa: the opportunities and bottlenecks when exiting investments.

June 25 2019 Koda Capital: How I did it with Dr. Andrew Kuper

Koda Capital sits down with LeapFrog Founder Dr. Andrew Kuper for their series: Informed Leadership: ‘How I did It’ covering topics and questions such as what is profit with purpose and how did Andy build LeapFrog into a business that can claim to have improved the lives of millions of people?

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