LeapFrog Investments founder and chief Andy Kuper celebrates 15 years since founding

Today is the 15th anniversary of LeapFrog’s founding and I thought to share some memories of the past 15 years and some of our plans for the future.

I do remember sitting with a blank piece of paper knowing that there were these incredible entrepreneurs and companies out there that did not have the capital and expertise behind them to achieve the goals they had set for themselves. I did know that capital was the solution to scaling those companies to reaching millions of people.

We set out to reach 25 million low income people with health care and financial tools, and to generate top tier returns for investors in the process. Today, LeapFrog’s companies reach over 250 million people, that’s 10x and that’s 5% of the world’s low income population.

Our companies have also been backed by over $2 billion from over 100 institutional investors. So we’ve been able to open the gates of the capital markets to purpose driven businesses and around us and with us, the impact investing industry has grown to have almost a trillion dollars under management. And it’s just the beginning.

When I look back, I think how profoundly unlikely all of this was. We seemed a bit odd when I launched LeapFrog with President Clinton, probably not many people beyond him, my mother and my wife were believers. But today we have an industry that has grown tremendously and that offers the hope to solve many problems – the problems of global poverty, the problems of climate change – by actually financing and enabling businesses that help people to help themselves.

Our goal for 2030 is to reach a billion such people to enable them to change their own lives, and to continue to generate outsized returns for our investors so that profit with purpose becomes a market norm. And, as our mission statement says, so that we open the gates of the capital markets, to purpose driven businesses.

It’s just the beginning. It’s an incredibly exciting moment, and I’m looking forward to the next 15 years of leaps with this amazing team, who do more than I could ever have imagined on that founding day 15 years ago.

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This video was first published on February 3rd, 2022

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