LeapFrog Investments celebrates with Goodlife Pharmacy as it marks a 100-store milestone, and joins with new investors from CFAO Healthcare and Proparco to discuss the outlook for the company, already East Africa’s largest pharmacy chain.

LeapFrog Investment Officer Uzoma Ikechukwu:

“We’re really excited with how Goodlife has grown over the years and looking forward, we will continue to help Goodlife to expand its footprint in East Africa.

Goodlife today is the leading pharmacy chain in the region and we’re excited about Goodlife being able to solidify that position even further.

This new partnership with Eurapharma, one of the largest wholesalers of pharmaceuticals in the region, will help us to understand the end-to-end value chain of pharmaceuticals and we will leverage their expertise as we look to drive increased margins in the business.

We have started to centre the business around the consumer and move from a product-led business-to-consumer-led business. Initiatives like our online, pharmacy business, the introduction of diagnostics at the store really help us to understand the consumer better.”

This video was first published on April 7th, 2022

LeapFrog Investments