Meet Nalumansi ZamZam

 BIMA Life Insurance customer, Uganda

Premium: $1.44 for 3 months of life insurance cover

Pay-out: $300 paid in 48 hours filing

Lubwama Salim was a young man from Kampala, Uganda who worked hard as one of the city’s motorbike taxi drivers. Everyday, thousands of such drivers risk the dangerous traffic on Kampala’s roads to earn money for their family. Aware that his job was risky, and that he had a several dependents relying on his income, Lubwama had a real need for insurance but could not afford any of the traditional insurance policies on offer.

BIMA’s Life Protect policy was different; it was easy to understand, very affordable at just 1.44 USD for three months of cover, and quick to register for by using his mobile handset.

In September of 2016, Lubwama was sadly killed when a car crashed into him on the busy Jinja Mukono highway. Lubwamas family had to deal with the grief of losing a loved one and the financial impact of living without his much needed income.

Lubwama had named his sister Nalumansi as his beneficiary. She was skeptical about the chance of getting her claim paid, but the BIMA team helped her through the simple claims process. “It was surprisingly easy,” said Nalumansi. “I needed only to present my brother’s death certificate and we received the money just two days after that. To be paid so simply and quickly was unlike any other insurance company I have heard of”.

The payout provided a financial cushion for her family when she needed it the most. Nalumansi said, “In life, my brother always looked after our family, and with the BIMA payout it is like he is continuing to protect us. With this money we shall pay school fees for the children and we will invest the rest in our soap making business.”

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