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Talent Accelerator

The LeapFrog Talent Accelerator is a talent development consultancy specialising in addressing talent gaps across global growth markets.

Talent Accerlator was launched in December 2017 and is the private equity industry’s first talent development programme for CEOs, C-suite executives, and middle managers in growth firms operating in global growth markets.

A set of global facilitators and consultants in LeapFrog’s network help deliver training and upskilling of C-suite and middle-management as well as for technical talent, to improve productivity, impact, and employee retention. LeapFrog leverages this extensive market knowledge to provide the most relevant and applicable talent development solutions to maximise organisational and leadership potential.

To date, programmes have been delivered in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. 



LeapFrog Investments predominantly invests in companies across Africa and Asia with the ultimate goal of making a difference to the lives of people that these businesses operate in. The Talent Accelerator focuses on the development of talent in these businesses to assist them in reaching their full potential.



We have focused on developing specific talent interventions for companies across emerging markets. We have significantly increased our knowledge base on how these businesses and leaders operate, so we are able to customize our talent interventions to address these specific challenges.



We have developed a global network of facilitators, subject matter experts, business leaders, business schools, executive coaches and psychologists to assist us in delivering high quality programmes and interventions. Our network has combined experience with working in emerging markets across multiple industries.

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Although we do offer packaged solutions, the Talent Accelerator team prides itself on building talent interventions and leadership programmes that can be completely customized to meet the needs of our clients. Every organization and set of leaders have unique needs that we ensure we address through the design and delivery of interventions.

The importance of talent development

A survey of the CEOs of LeapFrog’s firms found that talent development is the single greatest challenge they face. This is consistent with EY’s findings in sub-Saharan Africa which found a critical gap in the skills required for succession planning and developing talent.

Research from the Boston Consulting Group demonstrates that companies with strong leadership and talent management training increase their revenue more than twice as fast and their profits one and a half times faster than those without access to skills programmes.

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