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CX Launchpad

Across Africa and Asia, some four billion emerging consumers are seeking access to essential healthcare and financial services that help build secure and sustainable livelihoods.

LeapFrog supports portfolio companies to become more customer-centric to be able to deliver relevant, affordable and quality products. CX Launchpad is an initiative of LeapFrog to build capabilities in companies to enhance end to end customer experience (CX). Portfolio companies share and learn in a project oriented community of practice guided by senior LeapFrog experts.

The CX Team’s extensive and growing consumer research data set blends qualitative, quantitative, and macro-economic data, to allow LeapFrog to intimately understand emerging consumers in LeapFrog’s key markets. The team leverages this understanding to inform and improve new product development, marketing, customer engagement and strategy at portfolio companies.

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Creating Impact with Customer Experience

LeapFrog’s Creating Impact with Customer Experience report highlights the work of the company’s CX Launchpad program to tailor digital products to emerging consumer needs.

Through detailed case studies, and information about the CX Launchpad process and toolkit, this report demonstrates the power of customer experience to bring about meaningful impact.