Community Grievance

LeapFrog is striving to ensure that its investment activities and operations donot inappropriately burden those who do business with the companies in which it invests or who reside near the facilities of those companies as well as other potentially affected stakeholders. We would liketo hear about any concerns or particular complaintsthat you may have inrelation to LeapFrog’s activities, so that any of those issues can be noted and duly addressed.

What kind of inquiry can I lodge?

Individuals or organizations can contact LeapFrog if they feel that activities and operations of LeapFrog or its investee companies negatively affect them, their place of residence, their assets and property, or the environment or if they believe that they are being treated unfairly. Examples of grievances include:

  • Negative impacts on local residents (such as excessive noise, traffic, and other types of disturbance).
  • Damage to private and common assets and
  • Improper business practices in relation to customers of portfolio
  • Environmental damage resulting from construction or operations activities as part of the project
  • Practices or technologies that endanger the health, safety and security of LeapFrog or portfolio company employees and/or local population
  • Inappropriate, hurtful, derogatory and/or discriminatory (1) comments or actions made by a LeapFrog or portfolio company employee (2) targeted at an individual or group of individuals (3)

How can I contact LeapFrog?

Anyone can submit a grievance to LeapFrog in the following ways:

  • By contacting the Compliance Officer by telephone at +44.79.560.5323 or via email at:
  • By completing the attached grievance form (Appendix 1) and posting it to/dropping it in person at any of the LeapFrog offices.

1- Discrimination includes: ridicule, exclusion, bias, undignified treatment, harassment, bullying, victimization, preferential treatment designed to elicit a specific outcome

2- This includes comments made via Social Media.

3- Such comments or actions may be based on: race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, political beliefs or rank.

How will LeapFrog deal with my grievance or inquiry?

LeapFrog will complete the following steps to deal with your communication:

Step 1: Acknowledgement: LeapFrog’s Compliance Officer will contact you to acknowledge the issue raised (unless your inquiry was anonymous) within 3 to 5 business days from the receipt of a written or oral complaint.

Step 2: Investigation: The LeapFrog Compliance Officer will then set up an investigation into your grievance. We may need to contact you during this investigation.

Step 3 Resolution: When we have completed the investigation of your communication, we will contact you with our findings and our proposed response. If our investigations find that the issue raised does not relate to LeapFrog’s activities or that those activities (including activities of any LeapFrog investee company) are being conducted within the relevant and applicable International Standards in relation to subject of your inquiry, we will explain this in writing to you. Otherwise, we will propose a response to address the issue raised in your inquiry to the extent that LeapFrog is able to do so.  If you consider our response and its implementation to be satisfactory we will ask you to sign a statement of satisfaction if you are happy to do so. If you are not satisfied with our response we will have further discussions with you to see if there are other possible steps which can be taken to resolve the grievance.

Step 4 Follow up: The LeapFrog Compliance Officer or another member of the Compliance Team may contact you at a later stage to confirm that our activities pose no further problems.

Confidentiality: If you would like your inquiry to remain confidential, the Compliance Officer will ensure that your name and contact details are not disclosed without your consent and that only the team directly working on the investigation of your case will have access to such information. If it is not possible for the team to fully investigate or resolve the problem without revealing your identity or the contents of your inquiry, the Compliance staff directly working on your case will have prior discussions with you on how you would prefer to proceed.

Anonymity: If you would like to lodge an inquiry anonymously, please indicate so in the attached form. The subject of your inquiry will in any case be examined; however it may be more difficult for LeapFrog to conduct the investigation and we will necessarily not be able to give you feedback on the result of our examination of the issue that you raised.

Download the Grievance Form