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LeapFrog is proud to be an industry leader in impact measurement and management. That’s why LeapFrog was the first impact investor, worldwide, to announce an independent impact audit against the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

“We reviewed thousands of pages of investment policies, tools, memoranda, data inputs and impact performance reporting. LeapFrog sets a high bar,”

— BlueMark (formerly Tideline), Independent Auditor

LeapFrog is ranked A+
in the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment

Only 4% of Asia-focused and 6% of Africa-focused private equity firms achieved this rating

Operating Principles for
Impact Management

“Exemplification of industry best practice…advanced level of alignment across all nine of the impact principles”

— BlueMark (formerly Tideline), Independent Auditor

LeapFrog’s decade of experience in impact measurement led to the co-creation of and support for the Operating Principles for Impact Management issued by the IFC and World Bank Group. The nine principles were created to set a basic market standard for impact investing. They will serve as a guide to deployment of capital by institutional investors – including pension and sovereign funds, insurers and banks, endowments and family offices. The impact investment market stands at $228 billion today, a five-fold increase from the 2016 launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

“LeapFrog has integrated impact considerations in a consistent manner throughout its investment process, supported by clear decision-making protocols and standardized documentation. The process has been refined and strengthened over the course of several funds.”

Tideline – Independent Auditors

The Operating Principles for Impact Management arose from the need to have common disciplines for management of investments for impact, helping to ensure authenticity and high standards of measurement by creating guidelines against which impact management systems of funds and institutions are assessed.

LeapFrog was one of the external members of the consultation group that designed the Impact Principles and became a founding signatory to the Impact Principles in April 2019. An independent impact verification was completed by Tideline, a leading impact investing consultancy, in September 2019. Tideline concluded: “LeapFrog’s IM system demonstrates an advanced level of alignment across all of the Impact Principles.”

Globally, LeapFrog’s was the first independent impact audit ever completed and announced against these agreed principles. The audit applies across every LeapFrog fund, rather than to one or another fund in a larger suite of funds not dedicated to impact investing.

Leapfrog’s Annual Disclosure to the Operating Principles of Impact Management:
Tideline’s INDEPENDENT verification summary and statement:
Learn more about our impact leadership
LeapFrog annual impact results 2019

LeapFrog’s Responsible Investment Code

Our Responsible Investment Code sets out the overarching policy, standards and guidelines that enable LeapFrog and our portfolio companies to deliver both financial and social results by incorporating best practices across environmental, social, governance and impact management.

We assist and support our portfolio companies to adopt the Code for the effective and on-going management of the risks and opportunities they face. In recognition that best practice evolves over time, the Code is regularly updated.

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