Established in 2015, PasarPolis is Southeast Asia’s leading Insurance Technology (Insurtech) platform. PasarPolis’ vision is to democratize insurance for all, and its mission is to revolutionize the digital insurance landscape to provide a more accessible, affordable, and relevant insurance products utilizing the latest technology. 

PasarPolis’ technology ensures a seamless customer experience from product selection to claims. Over the past five years, PasarPolis has grown to become the most prominent Insurtech company in South East Asia (SEA) with a focus in providing affordable insurance products. PasarPolis has also expanded regional footprint, by establishing business operations in Vietnam and Thailand. 



One of PasarPolis’ main feature is the ability to provide instant claim payments. Our technology can enable policy holders to process their claims seamlessly in a fully digital process. As an example, flight insurance policyholders can automatically receive a proactive notification when a flight delay occurs. Customers will only need to enter their bank account number and their claim will be disbursed instantly within seconds. Leveraging technology, processing claims can be a convenient process. PasarPolis strive to provide our customers with a great end-to-end insurance experience to complement their life’s micro moments.