Press Release

LeapFrog Investments named Pioneer in Transformational Impact by Financial Times and IFC

The award was created to honour LeapFrog’s longevity of impact, with the judging panel writing that:

LeapFrog invests in high-growth healthcare and financial services companies that provide products and services to low-income consumers across Africa and Asia. Companies LeapFrog has helped build include Goodlife, the leading private healthcare provider in East Africa; ARM Pensions, the largest independent pension provider in Nigeria, and BIMA, the largest mobile micro-insurer in the world. LeapFrog companies reach 221 million people across 35 countries, growing on average 26% a year and generating over $2 billion in annual revenue. In the past year alone, they have paid out $533 million in insurance claims and $289 million in pensions to low-income people, disbursed $16.4 billion in loans and provided 23 million high quality pharmaceutical products.

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