Connecting underserved consumers to formal finance


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Shriram Group is one of India’s most respected and trusted mass-market financial services providers


For many of its customers, Shriram is one of the first points of contact they have with the formal financial system.

The company reaches people through a smart and low-cost distribution strategy, using large agency forces in local villages. It sells into traditional ‘Chit’ programs – or rotating credit and saving schemes – as well as direct to new customers in towns and villages across India.

In 2011, LeapFrog invested in a Shriram subsidiary, Shriram CCL, a distribution group offering high quality insurance, savings and investment products to the underserved Indian market.

A strategic partnership that allowed Shriram to leverage our expertise in providing innovative insurance products to underserved consumers, our investment enabled the company to expand its branch network and customer reach.

We successfully exited from Shriram CCL in 2017.