Sustainable Development Goals

LeapFrog is proud to be an industry leader in impact measurement and management.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set out a plan for every industry, from private enterprise, to governments and civil society, to build a more just and equal world by 2030.

LeapFrog adheres to, and measures its performance against these goals, working with our portfolio companies and investors to build understanding and awareness and to ensure that we are all playing our part in driving sustainable impact at global scale.

LeapFrog has identified five key goals that we aim to address through our own efforts, and in partnership with our portfolio companies. These are:

LeapFrog Investments aims to tackle goals 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10 through our work.

The LeapFrog Difference

We measure the impact created through our portfolio companies against our targeted Sustainable Development Goals. For more information in what we have achieved in pursuit of these goals, please explore our Annual Impact Report.


Sustainable Development Goal Highlights


Our work in financial inclusion has disbursed more than $16.4 billion in loans, and paid out more than $670 million in insurance claims; a springboard and a safety-net for people to change their future.



Our healthcare portfolio has delivered more than 22 million high quality pharmaceutical products, including prescription medicines, and more than more than 2 million diagnostic tests and laboratory supplies.


Gender equality

Across our portfolio, in 2019, over 47% of our services were provided directly to women and girls, and our companies collectively reached more than 186 million women.


Decent work and economic growth

Across our portfolio, we have supported more than 160,000 jobs and livelihoods, including more than 53,000 full-time jobs in emerging economies.



LeapFrog continues to address systemic inequality, targeting the catalytic areas of financial inclusion and healthcare, reaching 250 million emerging consumers with the tools and services they need to shape their future.




Read more about our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals
LeapFrog annual impact results 2019

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