A Portfolio of Profit with Purpose

LeapFrog drives outstanding returns and outsized impact through private equity investments in high-growth, purpose-driven businesses in some of the world’s fastest growing markets.

Global Growth Markets

LeapFrog invests in emerging markets in Asia and Africa, seizing the historic opportunity to serve billions of emerging consumers and producers worldwide.

An investment by LeapFrog is a commitment to partnership. We actively employ our knowledge and experience, along with our capital, to support the leadership teams of the businesses we back meet their ambitious growth targets.

Providing insurance to millions of low income consumers

Featured Investment

Financial Services

We invest in high-quality, high-ambition businesses in the insurance, pensions, finance and banking sectors.


We back extraordinary growth businesses in emerging markets in the diagnostics, pharmaceutical and medical products fields.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Exited and Partially Exited Companies

In line with our Responsible Exit Framework, LeapFrog has an enduring impact on the businesses in which we invest, and that scale with our support.

LeapFrog Investments