LeapFrog brings investors to global growth markets.

LeapFrog connects investors to high-growth companies delivering essential services to four billion emerging consumers on the rise.

Leading insurers and reinsurers spanning the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, like the world’s largest Insurer and Life Insurer, large institutional investors from the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, eight of the world’s largest Development Finance Institutions, and three of the top four Investment Banks, and the world’s leading sustainability bank, trust LeapFrog to deliver returns and impact.

Selection of Investors

Partnership for a New Era

This partnership between LeapFrog and Temasek represents the largest single commitment ever to an impact investor. It is founded on shared values and long-term vision. It is a milestone on LeapFrog’s journey to reaching 1 billion people with essential services by 2030.

Cornerstone Funds

Temasek’s capital will cornerstone future funds, helping open the gates of the capital markets to purpose-driven businesses, driving growth and impact.

Continued Independence

LeapFrog is overwhelmingly partner owned and run, independent in all daily operations and in all decisions by our Investment Committee.

Build Capacity

LeapFrog will expand its team in growth markets and industries, and invest further in our world-leading impact management capabilities. We will deliver distinctive value to our investors and portfolio companies. 


LeapFrog set an ambitious goal for 2030 of reaching 1 billion people with essential services. This partnership turns our vision into a well-resourced plan, backing the team to generate returns and make history.

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