Our Portfolio

LeapFrog invests in extraordinary businesses in Asia and Africa.

We partner with their leaders to achieve leaps of growth, profitability and impact. Today, LeapFrog companies reach 272 million people across more than 35 emerging markets. 205 million are low-income consumers often accessing insurance, savings, pensions, credit and healthcare for the first time.

We call this distinctive approach “profit with purpose” because it generates strong results and changes many lives. Leading global investors share this vision and have invested and committed over $2 billion to LeapFrog.

Financial Services

We invest in high-quality, high-ambition businesses in the insurance, pensions, finance and banking sectors.


We back extraordinary growth businesses in emerging markets in the diagnostics, pharmaceutical and medical products fields.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Exited and Partially Exited Companies

In line with our Responsible Exit Framework, LeapFrog has an enduring impact on the businesses in which we invest, and that scale with our support.

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