Enabling leaps of growth, profitability and impact

LeapFrog brings distinctive operational experience and advisory support to partner companies.

LeapFrog “has sought to change the way we invest as individuals, institutions and societies.”

Economist Ideas Summit



“LeapFrog’s team is widely recognised as having opened up a new frontier … for alternative investing”

President Bill Clinton


LeapFrog invests capital, people and knowledge in purpose-driven businesses, helping them to grow, to be profitable and to have real social impact.

This is how we achieve top-tier returns for our investors. And how we enable striving emerging consumers to propel themselves into prosperity and security. This is a synergy, not a trade-off.

We aim to open the gates of the capital markets for high growth businesses – bringing large-scale capital to drive rapid impact on billions of lives. We are interested in both scale and diversification. We like building big businesses that succeed and endure.

We think of ourselves always as co-owners – alongside our investors, co-investors, management and local communities. We work hard to have a deep relationship with all these partners.

We bring distinctive operational experience and advisory support to partner companies to make a game changing difference in their financial and social performance. Our team has a substantial proportion of operators and experts.

Ultimately, we hope that the philosophy and strategy of profit with purpose will be adopted by a diverse and large number of institutions. And that we will be replicated by a hundred LeapFrogs.

Building the team

Purpose @ work: Together, So Much More Than We Imagined with Andy Kuper, Founder and CEO and Gary Herbert, Partner at LeapFrog Investments

LeapFrog’s CEO and COO reflect on how our team have co-built a firm and community around a magnetic idea

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